Monday, July 4, 2016

Exterior paint complete!

We got the idea for our exterior colors from our previous neighbors, Rory and Derinda, to use Hazy Sage for the main body and Morning Sun for the trim.

The ceilings turned out really good. Beaded 1x4 in the barrel vault, 1x8 square edge in the remaining porch ceilings. 
Terrace fireplace installed and both hearths were made. Once stone is applied stone will go to the ceiling and wrap both sides and the hearth will be 14" high. 
Although we are lacking rain this year, we're hoping for a miracle and our grass will start to grow. Momma wants to get her boy Bunky over here ASAP! 
Panorama view from the kitchen looking into the living and dining rooms. Electrical will be complete this weekweek and then framing/mechanicals will be inspected which we will hopefully pass on the first try! Til next week, by y'all! 

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