Saturday, June 25, 2016

So.... More stuff happened, like siding

 Not a bad way to end a Monday bush hogging!
 Heat N'Glo Cerona direct vent fireplace for the main level.
 Well, I planned for the larger width and height of the Icon 80 wood burning terrace fireplace, but not depth! It needs to be 2" deeper... Oh well, framing punch will get it done this week.

 I believe I am going to have a light installed above this so that light shines through it at night. You really can't tell that much from the outside during the day....
 Composite wrapped deck posts. The lower posts won't be wrapped until after we get the CO (Certificate of Occupancy). Long story short, Code won't allow it for now....
 Panoramic between the house and barn.
 I liked this picture enough to make it my cover photo on FB!
 Behind the barn where we "robbed" dirt from.
 I should have taken this picture from just inside the barn, like the last post, but it's close enough. Now it is level in between the house and the barn!!!
 AND, the roof shingles finally got finished! Siding is installed on three sides at this point.
The driveway will become circular in front of the house. Where I parked is about where guests will park and be the turn around area for backing out of the garage. The original driveway where the dumpster currently is located will be abandoned and we will sow grass. Almost all of this, including removing the wood shop, is so that how you pull up and parking in front of the house is better than originally planned.


Dick Bell said...
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Dick Bell said...

Looks GREAT and you're welcome. 😜

Haley D. said...

You are moving along quickly! It looks great! I love your cross window, and an exterior light will be a perfect addition.