Monday, June 20, 2016

Delayed updates

Blogger didn't post this blog when I hit publish on my phone...... So I am going to try and remember what I wrote and try this again... The felt, ice and water shield are on the roof. The white part is the ice and water, it protects the roof better where water is prone to leak.

More of the same!

 You can see the red and blue Pex water lines already installed. This photo was taken the first day of HVAC mechanical rough in Haley's room.

Yea, the front door is installed! The siding guys started today and will install the stained glass.
  Shingles installed on the front!
Unfortunately, this building had to go.... :( It's a few feet too low, for grade in between the house and the barn. And, the driveway will end up going directly through the building so it was time to take it down. It took most of the day Saturday, but a helper and I got it disassembled and were able to salvage the majority of the wood and tin! Most of the wood will be used on rebuilding the shed part of the barn for Bunky's stall, tractor storage and Airstream bay. The door will go in between the tack room and stall and we will try and recreate the end gable elevation to match this elevation of the wood shop.

Here it is after a day's worth of work!

 And here it is after another day which my helper did by himself. I was fortunate enough to take the day off for Father's Day and spend it on the lake!

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Traveling Bells said...

I know y'all are sad the barn had to come down, but repurposing is a good thing. Looking sooo good!'n