Monday, July 25, 2016

Sheet rock is akin to watching paint dry...

So they were 18 boards short and Haley's room was one of the rooms not finished. Here it is hung and finishing will happen this week. Then first coat of paint (samples already purchased to slap on the walls for Faith to decide), then tile, then hardwood, then trim, then......! Who knows, maybe we'll be in sooner than October 14th!
I dug the hole for the propane tank and the line to the house. 
Then had my trusty worker boy (dad) come over to help me bury it!
With needing to pour a concrete pad for the HVAC unit and underground power going to be connected to the home soon, I installed this gutter drain. Gutters will be installed this week as well. That's about it, I guess. 

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Traveling Bells said...

Your personal worker boy and I went by yesterday to inspect everything­čśŹ Carry on.