Thursday, July 21, 2016

Inspections passed!

We passed framing and mechanical inspections! So, we were able to move on to insulating. 
So as to hopefully keep the noise level downstairs to a minimum, we insulated the floor as well. 
And because those Arnold girls stay up way too late talking, I had them insulate the walls between the master bedroom and main living area! I doubt it'll make a huge difference, they're loud! 😉
Here's the barrel entrance with sheet rock applied! There will be a tongue and groove ceiling in the great room, which is why there isn't any sheet rock there. 
The master is taking shape! It only took one day to hang all of the sheet rock too! Everyone says how quickly our home is coming together, I can only say it's because we work the schedule to death and have great subs. It's the Brown Haven Builders way! Now it's time to slow things down a little and watch boring stuff happen.... 

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Traveling Bells said...

This will be a true test of insulation by the Arnolds and the Bells that you can pass on to future customers.

And now the slow period begins...and drags...seemingly...but magic will be happening!