Monday, July 11, 2016

Mechanicals & fireplaces complete

Things are going together really well. The schedule we use says we'll be done by October 4th, so I'm shooting for the 14th, which will be the Friday before Fall Break. That way Faith and Haley are out of school and I can be there to help get moved in! Other than the electrician taking longer than normal, because my job is lowest on the totem pole, everything has ticked along pretty good. I'm glad that we can be flexible with our house if another house needs more attention. It's all part of the deal I get with being an employee built home! No worries, mon!

 Mr. Jack, my electrician's father, and really nice guy. It's good to see old men working!
 The chimney shroud was installed.

 So, I may not nail a hammer, paint a wall or put down a piece of flooring in our house, but I have worked.

 My index finger is pointing at the orange wire that will be a wireless access point for internet. There will be two in the house on opposite ends, one of which is in Haley's room. We have fiber optic here, which is awesome, but just to make sure there isn't a breakdown in signal my Smart Home installer recommended we do this. They also pre-wired for security, speakers, and ran all of our phone and TV. The white squiggly line just above my finger is for the speaker that will go in the ceiling of the kitchen. We love listening to music in there and will be able to expand on the system throughout the house over the years.
 We have two electric panels but it's only a 200AMP service total. We separated the two so that everything in one box is designated to the generator, and the rest are non-essential. The orange "smart tube" is for the next HDMI, USB, Cable/Dish, etc. thing that may come out in the next 20 years. Granted, more and more things will be wireless, but there is always a need for hard wire and this will allow cables to be ran from the mechanical room to the attic.
 Dad just got home from a trip and I had to put him to work! I gave him the easy job, although hot without AC running, and I ran the mexican backhoe (shovel).... He brought dirt, I slung it under the porch.
 Tired and not a dry spot on my shirt.....
Thanks dad!

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Traveling Bells said...

Aww, looking mighty good. Glad y'all will have a smart as well as beautiful home. Dad was happy to help. Always. Smooches.