Monday, March 7, 2016

The beginning of our dreams on Garrett Circle

We sold our home just a month ago but have been looking for property with serious intent for about 4 months. We finally found our dream property at 744 Garrett Circle which is close to my folks and Faith's mom and the rest of our families! I will try and use this blog to document the transformation of the property and the construction of our home. Come along for the journey!

 On the left is the old barn that we will fix up for Bunky. On the right is what I have been calling the wood shop, although I'.m not sure what it was actually used for. This property has a lot of history and we want to keep as much of it as we can. Going back through the number of people who have owned this property, but never built new, has been surprising. A lot of people have seen the potential but just never saw it through. We feel blessed to be able to do so!
 To the left of the big spruce is where the home will reside. The old house site is on the right and will remain as-is until we can get to Phase II of construction.
 We hope that the chimney will stay up since a lot of it is made from mud mortar, not real mortar and I'm afraid may collapse. I am going to see if my stone mason can fill in some of the gaps to create better support.
 Where the future home site will be.
 An old smoke house, or that's what we have called it that will be moved from this location. It is in the way of the new home and we hope that it can be moved successfully.
 Panoramic view from our future back porch!
Entrance to our property.

And here is the drone video I created flying over the property: Garrett Circle Drone Fly Over

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Traveling Bells said...

This looks great! So glad you are doing this blog and posting the progress along with details, both old and new. The will be quite an adventure!