Friday, March 18, 2016

We closed! We officially own dirt!

This week we closed on our property. The closing was smooth and we got confirmation from the previous owner that the homestead dated back to Civil War times. Wow, a lot of history has happened here and we look forward to making a lot more!

 The barn needs quite a bit of work, but I'm excited to see it's transformation, and I think Bunky will love it!
 Upstairs of the barn. We will have the signature red sliding barn door attached to this in the future.
 Away in a manger, no crib for a bed. This is in the lower barn that will likely be disassembled and used to patch the barn and wood shop. The manger will be saved, of course. Maybe this is where Bunky will be fed!
 I applied for the septic permit before we closed, and got approval the day after. With briers towering above the roof line seen here, I needed to knock some down before they came out to inspect. The property owner allowed me to do this before closing, which was nice. Denis Griffith is his name and he once owned the Old Union golf course which will be our view from our back porch. He is a very nice guy and he was planning on building his home here! But, during the downturn he lost the golf course and took a loss on selling our property to us. We wish him well.
The day of closing! Haley was with her aunt, since closings are boring! But I went home and picked up Maddie, while Faith got pizza so we could have our 1st official meal on the property. There's no place like HOME!!!!

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Traveling Bells said...

Very fitting that pizza is the first meal eaten on the property...the first of MANY!