Sunday, March 27, 2016

Progress, cleanup and bumpers

 With brand new tracks Jason and I put on yesterday, I'm loaded up and heading to the property.
 My bright idea was to take this top layer of dirt and grass and load it into the back of the dump trailer. What I didn't take into account was that I was loading the very back of the trailer and not distributing the load throughout. What you see here are the skid marks where my truck went "ball hootin'" down the driveway once the load was great enough and unloaded weight from the rear wheels of my truck.
 In the road is where the truck stopped, but the trailer pushed the back end around until it jack knifed. LUCKILY, no one was driving by at this time, or worse, walking. And, both truck and trailer didn't end up in the golf course, cause that would have been expensive!
 The only damage to my truck was the bumper, no body work.
 But the trailer's box that holds the battery didn't fare as well.....
 The pile of brush on the other side of the well is everything I cut down last weekend.
 Getting cleaner! This building will hopefully be moved to another location since it is a good structure. Where it will be placed is another topic and we won't know until the hole for the basement is dug this week.
I left the last few trees for my grading contractor to remove since he has bigger equipment. I removed the two small structures that were on the right of the picture. I was able to salvage some of the good tin that was on it, but it had a layer of really cheap tin with scalloped decorations underneath that will go to the dump.

Grading should start this week!

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Sandy B said...

This is the first of many mis-steps in this adventure! Zoom, zoom...