Sunday, April 10, 2016

Initial grading complete and foundation started

Day 1 of grading and burning the large pile of brush I put up. 
Day 1, septic system is going where the light color dirt is. 
Initial grading complete! Maddie is enjoying herself too! 
Initial grading complete. 
My new brothers in Christ, Hank Sutton on the excavator and John just out of sight. Both were saved on a job site. The first time I met Hank I didn't care for him. He has come a long way and I'm happy for he and John.
We are so glad that Uncle Bob and Aunt Lynne were in town from New Hampshire to see the very early stages of construction. Bob confirmed a couple of ideas I already had on the house design, so we implemented them. 

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Sandy B said...

I'm glad Dad and I got to see this before and after the basement was dug out. Looking good!