Monday, April 25, 2016


The two openings at the top of the wall are for mechanicals to go through. And of course a doorway that is part of the hallway. 
The plumber came and created some relief drains to get the rainwater out. Otherwise it would have been wet still on Monday. 
The Platinum Prince will be parking on top of this wall one day soon! 
This is an old cast iron tub that was in the original house. We hope to make it the water trough for Bunky. Fortunately, my plumber let me use his equipment and I was able to work on the old foundation as well, getting rid of it. 

Not much is going on this week. The slab should be poured in a week and then the steel I-beams will be installed for the garage slab. 


Sandy B said...

Nice tub!

Joy said...

Brian, your mom sent me the link to your blog (although supposedly I'm already subscribed to notifications for it under the old name, I haven't gotten any...) and I just got caught up on the progress of your new home. I am so excited for y'all! Walls up already, your hard work is paying off. I love all the things you are salvaging to repurpose - tub, bricks, chimney rocks, manger, etc. I look forward to seeing the continued progress.