Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Nothing is ever prefect, but we try

With as long as I've been doing this, and this being my own home, you'd HOPE that it went off without a hitch. But Murphy's Law says something about that and when my plumber notified me a footer was in the wrong place I new exactly what happened.... When you are still designing your home WHILE you build, stuff like this is bound to happen. My concrete guy went off the original plan that had a jog in the foundation, instead of the plan that extended the jog, basically. But no big deal, cut out some concrete, put in the plumbing pipes, then come back and reform when they pour the slab which is today. May the 4th be with you! And if this is the biggest error to occur, then it's definitely no big deal, but I doubt we'll be that lucky so we'll roll with the punches. Right honey?!?

 The area in bathroom #2 with the jog error and footer torn out.

 The same area with the footer reformed!
 How cool is this? I love the DJI Phantom 3 Pro!
 It's hard to tell that we've cleaned up where the former house resided, but it has and there's still more to do.
 I'm hoping I can have a time lapse of the project with this similar view to show off the transformation.
Another cool angle with the house and old home site. The out building seen here will be moved to the middle of the circle drive close to the house.

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Traveling Bells said...

Dad and I designed and built three me, there will be PLENTY of errors and Murphys that are uninvited and unintentional. Stay flexible and roll with it. Looks great!