Saturday, May 14, 2016

Concrete complete and backfill grading too

My project last weekend. Rented this magnetic drill to be able to drill holes on the bottom of the beams. This will allow for attaching wood framing to the ceiling and then sheetrock later.
Beams in place
She humors me, and I'm grateful for it! This will be the Beaner/Hoop dawg/Houihan/Baby girl/Haley's room!
Faith waving hello on top of our poured garage slab! 
The upper left portion of concrete looks different because it has a colored powder added to the concrete mixture throughly, and then they throw it on once finished to add just a touch more color. Monday they will come back and clean it off and then seal it! This was a "house warming" gift from my concrete contractor. It's going to look great and we are grateful!
Time lapse photo.
The old homesite with final coverup and dirt added and sloped away from the old retaining wall close to the top of the photo.
The bank on the right has some slope to it, but dirt was taken from here to help drainage around the barn and to use as backfill around the house. The circular drive is starting to take shape and the island will be dressed up with more trees and flowers over time.

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Traveling Bells said...

That colored concrete is awesome. We noticed it right away...and the graded old home place. That will work out quite well! Hugs...