Saturday, September 26, 2015

Will this blog be resurrected?

That's a great question. As much as I now dislike to blog, it seems like a good way to document our trips through life, if nothing else. My wife does a great job of posting stuff on Facebook, better than me, but it doesn't give the details about what we did or a whole lot more than a picture and a quick comment. So, I'll randomly add some photos of this year and possibly update this again, one day.
 Cartecay River
 Warner Robbins

 Lake Oconee
 Bubbs, aka Chubbs, aka Lane
 Haley's play
 Alex, Madison, Will
 Nottely dam

 Shaky Boots Festival
 Garth Brooks, Knoxville

 Callaway Gardens


Haley & Corton's baptism

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