Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tour of California

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The Tour of California is now the premier cycling event in the US, especially because the Tour de Georgia did not get sponsorship this year and is no longer on the schedule. So this year one of my cycling teammates posted a note on our message board asking for a last minute volunteer. They had a cancellation and needed another Course Marshal so I accepted! It's a "paid" position, although not a lot, but enough that it covers most of my expenses. I'm not sure what the details are quite yet, but I have heard from others that you are there to make sure the peloton is safe as well as the spectators. I believe I will have my own vehicle and will "leap frog" to different points along each Stage and help navigate the rolling circus! I head out tomorrow for Sacramento and the Tour begins on Saturday there. I will try to post pictures and commentary, but not sure how often or if I will be able to at all.
This is going to be fun, stay tuned!


HaleyD said...

Bon voyage! Stay safe & have fun.

Sandy B and Dick said...

Ditto what Haley said.
Love, Mom and Dad

Becky said...

Very exciting! Tell Lance I said hey :) Have fun (of course you will)!