Thursday, February 19, 2009

ToC - Stage 5: Visalia to Paso Robles - 134 miles

I'd rather be flying this, than where I am truth be told. This brought back memories of watching them in S. Florida many years ago.
We had enough time to stop at Stillwaters Vineyards and sample some of their fine wine. Thank goodness for only 2 drops today.
Looks like yesterday's Stage with Cavendish and Boonen going 1, 2. I'm a fan of the Cav!

Today the peloton will be racing for wine! Well, they will be heading towards one of the famous California cities that boasts of their suptle grape and award winning wines. Stage 5 is the longest of all ToC Stages and should prove to be a chance for Tom "Tornado Tom" Boonen to race his Specialized (bicycle made in California) across the finish line first. There are a few mole hils before the finish, but nothing like what he tackles at Paris Roubaix.
Yet again, my pre-race prediction was close to truth. I guess I need to go to Vegas and bet on my odds in cycling! So what to report today??? I guess the scenery. Cows, lots of cows. Land O'Lakes has many farms around Visalia and they smelled like.... But the rolling hills without trees seems like the most distinguishable thing today. But when we got close to Paso Robles, it turned to smaller hills and beautiful scenery, and great wine! Our second drop today was at the finish and I got to see the leadout trains for Cerevelo and Columbia head into town. Unfortunately I didn't get to see the actual finish, but I did get to see it just now on Versus. So after the race I went for a (dreaded) run and then out to dinner with my team. I'm glad to be in Fat Tire Amber Ale country, I love that beer! Oh, Silverhorse Wine gave us bottles of their wine in our rooms, pretty cool! I'll be taking them back home with me, or maybe my photographer friend will help me drink them.... Ciao!

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Sandy B and Dick said...

Save some wine for us to sample! We're all packed and heading to to the ship! Will try to post a pic with your sistas later on. Be careful; have fun. TTYL...xoxoxo