Monday, February 16, 2009

ToC - Stage 2: Sausalito to Santa Cruz - 116 miles

Part of the caravan along Highway 1

Today the Tour will be traveling across the Golden Gate Bridge! I haven't seen this icon since I was 15, traveling on my family's 5 week tour out West. We came up with an acronym for this trip, FFF. Affectionately known as "Forced Family Fun". I can imagine that some of the cyclists picture this trip through California about the same! But they get paid for it and they may not be as inthused because their goals are later in the season. The ToC is one of the early season races and guys like Lance are not targeting this race to win, but for training.
Today turned out to be a lot different than expected with a long breakaway being caught by Levi and him taking over yellow. It was pretty impressive to watch on Versus later in the evening, he's taking the bull by the horns and making this a race. Although I don't care for him, I think it's cool he is going to try and make it three in a row for the overall. We stayed in the same hotel and I passed him in the hall going to breakfast. I just said, "Good job Levi.", he said, "Thanks man.", while typing away on his Blackberry. I'm glad I have my iPod, it helps pass the time and drowned out some of the noise in the van..... I'm tired, it's late.


Sandy B and Dick said...

Ah yes, that infamous FFF trip...and you played Nintendo all across the continentent, Canada and back. The trips got better when they became FFFFF--free foreign FFF. Lucky you!...xoxoxo

HaleyD said...

"Alright, everybody on the seat! No books, no 'Intendo'! Look out the window NOW!"

Becky said...

"FFF" - that is another good one to add to the collection (along with the main European one: AOB (Another Old Building)) Too funny!