Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gobble, gobble and stuff

Still not a whole lot to report these days, other than the fact that I am officially looking for a job...... With the housing/real estate/banking/insurance/retail/tiny toy train makers market dried up, I have found myself without gainful employment for the first time in my life. The really good thing is that something else always comes along that either fills the void, or could become a long term solution. The short term solution has me working with Jason, my brother in law and best friend. He is a Registered Land Surveyor and his employee, Chris, is out with a shoulder injury. So now I'm his rod holder/bag bitch/grunt, but that's fine (for now) he pays me!

We had turkey dinner at Amy's house with the Dyer's, Brunner's, and Nana Joyce with Madison. Oh, and Uncle Reid too! It was very nice, although not so much without my parents being there.... But we weren't feeling sorry for them cause they are in New Zealand and Australia for the month, on two different cruises. Ahhhh, the rough life! But they were missed, see you both soon.
Bike Dude, as Alex calls me, and Little Will, as he calls his brother.

They can be so sweet to each other..... most of the time! They are so much fun, really.
Stephanie and a Little Turkey, asleep from tryptophan!
Jason has the contract from the USFS to repaint the lines bordering private land and Wilderness property. 8 miles, almost done, in Towns/Union Counties and 8 more to go in Clayton next week. As you can tell from Jason, the paint gets all over us, so that's why I'm in the jumpsuit! Straight up, and straight down. We can only get about 2 miles/day and it's not easy work.... But it pays! Thanks J!
Old, leftover vehicle on the Jackrabbit Mountain mountain bike trail with Lake Chatuge in the background.

My 'new' ride! Gary Fisher HiFi Carbon Pro. I'm glad I waited 10 years to buy a full suspension bike, they've come a LONG way. It weighs about as much as my hard tail, if not less, and it rides similar to it without much "bob" in the rear end. It was a demo bike and I got it for almost half price, but you can't tell it has many miles on it and it comes with the full lifetime warranty, which was the most important thing to me. So while I'm looking for a job to pay for it in 12 months, at least I'll have something to keep me occupied and not going stir crazy!!! Ciao, all!


HaleyD said...

Thanks for posting pictures of Turkey Day! The one you took for me is the only one of mine that turned out, so I am going to steal some of yours. We had such a nice time together.

The B&W photo is striking. Great photography!

Sandy B and Dick said...

Awww, sure hated missing all that! Thanks for posting the pics and thanks for taking care of everything while we are 'Down Under.' Love ya bunches!!!!

chunkygal said...

have you ever thought about chimney sweep????
ask Amy

Becky said...

So you get to walk around wilderness land and paint stuff? Cool!

Amazing how things come up that you would have never expected, so who knows what opportunities may present themselves to you eventually... Till then, enjoy that free time with your new GF ride!

chocolate girl said...

Glad to finally ride with you this wkd, Brian! That bike sure is purdy and fast;-) I look forward to our next ride with your new tubeless tires.