Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I passed the FAA written exam!

Today I took the FAA written exam for my private pilot's certificate. Out of 61 questions I only missed 7 and passed with a score of 88! When I finished the test I really felt like I missed more than that, so I was pleasantly surprised. But then again, anything over a 70 is a wasted effort! My dad said it's just more stuff that I will need to forget, which is probably true. I really thought the test had some of the "easier" questions on it. Or at least more than I thought there would be. But maybe it's easy when you know the answers..... I might have to ponder that.

Melissa and I are going up tomorrow for what may be our last instructional flight. We need to practice "diversions" from the intended route to get ready for the practical test which I plan to take in two weeks. I also purchased a book to prep for the oral exam which the Designated Flight Examiner will test me on when I go for the practical. Two weeks and counting!


Becky said...

Way to go! You could have missed 11 more questions, you over-achiever :)

Sandy & Dick said...

We knew you would ace from the two senior pilots!

HaleyD said...

WOOHOO! CONGRATS!!! We knew you could do it, but what a relief to pass that hurdle.

Joy said...

Congratulations, Brian! And think about it, if someone was flying a plane that you were a passenger on, wouldn't you feel better if he or she had passed with an 88 rather than a 70? :-)
I'm sure you will do well on the rest of the tests, too.