Thursday, February 7, 2008

Glad I wasn't this guy

I was at the jobsite when Matthew Morris called and said that a plane was trying to land with the gear UP! The pilots are an instructor and a student, and that's about all he knew. Since the houses we are building are near my house and thus, PDK, I went over there to watch. I guess you could say this is "rubber necking" for pilots! I got to the observation area at the airport and there were probably 40 people there already, along with 3 camera crews. The choppers were in the air, hovering, watching and filiming the action. When I heard about it I immediately called my instructor and it went straight to voicemail. I wasn't really worried that much because our flight school doesn't have a Cessna with retractable gears, but you never know who else she might be flying with. Safe to say, it wasn't her! Jason showed up just in time to watch a beautiful landing, even if all the gears weren't down. The instructor was even able to "taxi" the plane off the runway, or mostly. He came in at the minimum airspeed, full flaps, killed the engine, landed and crumbled the tail wheels, slid on it's belly for a while, then steered off the runway. I was impressed and pray that this never happens to me, dad, or anyone else for that matter.

Go here for the link to the 11 Alive News video.

Click on to get a better view of them on final.

Wally, this is gonna get scary....

They both "high fived" and then hugged. Both pilots and plane WILL fly again. A safe forced landing. I like it!


HaleyD said...

YIKES! Glad you were only involved as a rubbernecker, and I too pray that never happens to anyone!

Sandy & Dick said...

Any landing that can be walked away from is still a GOOD landing!...xoxo

Sandy & Dick said...

Hey B...Dad and I just watched/listened to the crash video and heard your "wooohhh" followed by your distinct laugh and then a loud "YEAH" from you! How funny is that!!!...xoxo