Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tile, trim, exterior handrails and hardwood debacle

My painter stained the trim and windows before the trim crew put them up. After the 1st week all windows are trimmed out and the ceiling in foyer and living room are up. I decided to use a 1x6 header and 1x4 sides and bottom for the casing. Something just a little different  but not too much, I think. 
Master shower tile is complete. We like simple without being too busy! 
The stained glass trimmed out and looking even more awesome! The trim header is lowered so that a tape light can be applied to it and it will shine through the outside and make it really stand out at night. 
Haley's shower turned out awesome! 
The exterior handrails are up and looking great! The pickets are a hammered texture in oil rubbed bronze. The two tapered columns are built and awaiting stone, which they will start this week. 
Once they put up the handrail we realized how much the posts stood up above the rail and are too high. They look like chess set pieces! They can fix that! 
It's hardly noticeable, which is the point, but the drain is just in front of Faith's foot. It has tile in it and the water flows around the edge! 
The living room (1x8 Square Edge) and foyer (Beaded 1x4) ceiling trim are up! The living room will be whitewashed with hand hewn beams on each side of the fireplace. The foyer ceiling and beams will match. Of course our nephew Corton has to stand on the stool, cause it's there. Nathan and Haley are more interested in discussing the ceiling!