Saturday, August 13, 2016

Final grading, HVAC unit set, power on, tile start

Although maybe not in the best location, it is what it is. This is off the garage so it doesn't matter as much, but I do wish I had planned the HVAC location to be next to the meter which got set on Friday. 
My friend, and grading contractor, called and asked when I would be ready for final grade. I said whenever you want. He's caught up on our other jobs so this fell in line perfectly. The above is of gutter drains being dug. 
And this is after! Since we don't exactly know where our driveway is going, he isn't going to do much more here in front. 
To the right is the original driveway, but is abandoned so that we can incorporate a circular driveway in front of the house instead of right here. 
Seed and hay, and pray for cooler temps and rain!  

The master shower under tile construction! 
Tile in the kitchen. 

So I put in quite a bit of effort this week to get air conditioning on the house so I could have the hardwood floors acclimatize before putting them down next week, but the floors weren't delivered. The sequence goes install HVAC unit, electrician connects everything, county inspects, EMC is notified, then they set the meter and on the same day HVAC contractor comes back to make sure the unit starts up properly and removes floor covers. I didn't think I would get all of that accomplished, but all for not.... Adjust and reschedule, that's construction. 

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