Sunday, August 7, 2016

Clean up, paint & 1st day of school

It took about 9 hours, over 3 days after work, but I sucked up the majority of drywall mud, chunks, and sanding debris. Getting all of this out of the wall outlets and baseboards is key to having less airborne particles in the air after we move in. And, it gives me the time to go around and see if anything is wrong, like this missing corner bead. At least they were consistent, they missed both knee walls in the house! 
This is actually a special primer that helps smooth the walls out, basically. Normally you just paint with the wall color of choice and it is the same as a primer coat,  but I want to make sure our walls look good! 
We changed to Weston Flax because a happy wife is good, and I really don't care about colors! This color is in our master bathroom and Haley's bedroom. 
This is Woodlawn Blue in bed/bath #2, mudroom /laundry & exercise rooms. 
And this is Antique Marble in the master bedroom and downstairs great room. 
Although this doesn't pertain to our house, Friday was Haley's first day of her Sophomore year! I realized this would be the last time I get to drop her off on her first day of school cause she'll be driving  in just 6 months! 😭 And this is Faith's 15th year teaching special ed in the middle school. Time is flying by..... 

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Dick Bell said...

Tell me about it... but there is life after 40, and 50, and 60, and if you are lucky 70. Dad