Sunday, January 27, 2008

Vanishing America

I am testing a way for my friend Holt to upload audio files to his blog. So while I'm playing A/V nerd for him, I might as well plug his project. You can go to his website (still being updated to host the future blog and much more) at or to his blog at . The blogspot address is updated currently, but will migrate to the other address in the next few months. He is traveling the US documenting places, people, communities and things that are vanishing before the end of our liftetime. Check it out!

Here is a link to my test for him, it's just Gary Allan's song 'Watching Airplanes'. This could be how his audio 'podcasts' get uploaded in the future.


Sandy & Dick said...

Hey, Bri!

Holt's two links worked, as did the podcast download (great choice!).

I enjoyed the 'ride' with you, and highly approve of you watching for good places to safely land. I'll go flying with you any time! Glad you are having fun.

I love you soooooo much,
Mom...Dad does too! xoxoxo

Holt Webb said...

Thanks B-squared! Good song choice.

I'll look into It seems a shame to have to leave the blog just to listen to a sound file, but that may be our only option at this point in time.

Cowboy's on Wednesday?