Monday, December 10, 2007

My tail feathers are clipped, I SOLOED!!!

After almost 20 hours of dual lessons with my instructor Melissa, I have now flown solo on my own!!!! After 13 takeoff and landings last night from PDK, Melissa asked if I thought I was ready to solo the next day. I said, "Of course!". But for some reason I think my landings last night were better than today. I guess that's a good thing because night landings can be tricky, just give me VASI (visual approach slope indicator) lights and I'm ok! What made today even more special was to hear "Lawrenceville tower, November 9861 Charlie, request to land". Mom and dad made a surprise visit to watch me fly solo, which was very cool. Although dad may want to work on his radio communication a little and listen better. "9861 Charlie, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" (Voice of ATC!) It was a simple misunderstanding, but I will admit that my next landing with my instructor wasn't so good because I was listening to what ATC and my dad were doing. But I guess dad and the ATC made up for things because they let them in the tower to watch me. Then Melissa joined them while I went on my own for 3 takeoffs (to a complete stop) and landings. The first one may have touched down more than once, but it was safe, just not pretty. The second one was decent, although I think I skidded the tires applying too much brake. And the third was not so bad, but not a "greaser"! Next I will be working on my cross country flights and hopefully I will wrap this up in another 20+ hours! It's been fun, but the "finesse" of landings will come with more time. Right now I'm just glad they are SAFE landings!!! So here are a few pics from today after my landings. By the way, Melissa is cutting my "tail feathers" in the picture where she is cutting my shirt. It's part of tradition, and I'm just glad to be apart of it! Thanks again mom and dad for coming to watch and give me the moral support!!

Me, November six six niner Bravo Delta and my original mentors mom and dad!

Me and my awesome instructor, Melissa! "Who's f@%${}g this chicken?"

Be gentle, this is my first time, soloing.

Can we get a bigger pair of scissors?? :)


Sandy & Dick said...

Let your original 'mentors' be the first to publicly congratulate you. Waaay to go!!! You did a super job today. We are proud of you, but...we always are...much love, Mom and Dad...N986lC

Stephanie said...

Congratulations, Brian! We are so proud of you. I think it is wonderful your parents were there to watch you take this big step. It is a great family tradition to carry on.

Stephanie and Mark

Joy said...