Sunday, December 2, 2007

Fly me courageous

"Wrap me high in the sky, circle me with stallions. She flew from peak to peak with the freedom of an eagle. So fly me courageous." -Drivin' n Cryin'

Now 9 lessons and 12.2 hours officially logged, progress has been made on this future PIC (pilot in command). My instructor tells me I need to have my medical exam and presolo written exam done pretty soon, she's about to let me loose and SOLO! I hope to do so before I go to Colorado next week skiing and snowmobiling, but we'll see. The biggest thing I have to work on is consistency in setting the plane up to land. I can get it to the end of the runway and judge if I am too high or too low, but the plane will virtually fly itself if you set it up right. There are certain airspeed's, that if achieved correctly, will set the plane up to land "on its own". And of course I still have work to do when you get the plane in the flare just before you land. Remember, look at the END of the runway, not the nose of the plane! Crosswinds are also a challenge, but that too comes with time.

Flying with the "foggles" on to simulate IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) conditions.

Takeoff from Runway 2L, crossing over 2R at PDK. The asphalt paved runway on the right in this picture is Runway 2L/20R, mainly for small airplanes. The other long concrete Runway is for small planes and jets, which are many every day.

"Flight attendents please take your seat, and return your trays to the upright position!"

A nice view of downtown ATL and even the Georgia Dome.


Sandy & Dick said...

Wear an old tee shirt in case shirt tails are still cut off after the first solo! Good luck from your senior pilots...xoxo, Mom and Dad

Joy said...

Wow, that is exciting - and courageous - enjoyed the pictures, too. Keep us posted!
Hugs, Joy

Kimberly and Bob said...

GREAT song, one of my favorites from an awesome band! Who knew you were so cool???? j/k

Congrats on getting to the solo flying stage. I am sure you will do great. You obviously have it in your blood, :-).

Fly on out to Cali and visit us sometime, we'd love to see you.

Take care.
Kimberly and clan