Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Certificate of Occupancy and moving in!

The official piece of paper! 6.5 months of scheduling and a little bit of sweat. 
Me and my girls, who I would do it all over for again. 
This time, we hired two guys to help move the big stuff, so I was too busy to take any photos then. But here's Faith unpacking boxes and waving for K2, he asked if we had moved in! 
Piton settled in, without too much hissing at her sister! 
The 1st morning enjoying breakfast before church. 
Haley had 3 of her girlfriends stay over so I wanted to put up the string lights. The lower level will have them too! 
Walking around the house I saw this picture with the leaves in the background and thought it looked cool. 
Haley's cool light above her couch. I need to get more chain so it hangs down further. 
The final product! Just need concrete. 
The very last "punchlist" item was to arrange the logs, assemble the door and fire up the direct vent fireplace! It's going to be sooooo nice! 
With dad's help we got the well pumping water so I could water the lawn. This is the back part of the property that not many people will ever see, but Bunky, and it's one of the most serene. 

Thanks for following along! - Faith, Haley and Brian

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Traveling Bells said...

It is a fabulous home that is filled with love. So blessed.