Sunday, September 4, 2016

Trim complete, for now

 Haley's closet barn door is installed! Unfortunately, she wants all of her trim painted white..... Oh well, her wish is my desire! And not all of the trim is complete, like the baseboards NOT seen above, because material didn't come in as planned and my trim guy is going to Colorado and won't be back for three weeks.
 The bead board wainscoting in the dining room is up and we're trying to decide what to do with it.... To be honest, it may not have turned out with the WOW factor I was going for... I have had a few people give their ideas, like adding 1x6 at the top and bottom and then vertical, 4' on center. I am going to go ahead and stain it, and if we don't like it, paint it! Likely the same white color that we will whitewash the living room ceiling.
 Here's Haley's chalk wall. Um. Yeah. I love my punkin', so if she's happy, I'm happy!
 One nice little guy has been working on this all week! When, we do the upstairs fireplace, the arched stones will be different than this design. Faith would like for it to look more natural with uneven lines and gaps in between the stones. I agree, but this will blend and "go away" once it is complete I'm sure. Oh well!
I put down the covering to protect the hardwood floors during the remaining month of construction. That's right, just a little over a month and we'll be moving in!!! October 15th is the move-in date and when we will start making memories together as a family!

For to many reasons, but mainly forgetting, here's an aerial view showing overall progress. What's not seen is a cleaner barn to the right (the old engine that was in there, along with other old windows, wire fence, wood, etc. were put in the dumpster last weekend by Faith and I). Some of the new grass is coming in, but right behind the house basically isn't. It's still be in the upper 80's during the day and that part just gets hammered with sun. So the seeds didn't take and we'll have to do it again later this month, along with the bank on the left side of the house that doesn't have any real grass period, just millet. Oh well, part of it! Thanks for tuning in, we're almost done!

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Traveling Bells said...

Y'all have come a long way. So proud for all of you. Looking forward to it being done and moved in!