Monday, June 30, 2008

Clark, shitter was full

After 3 months and $3,000, my disposable basement bathroom is now complete! I say disposable because I plan on just tearing my house down in a few years. But, I get to take the shitter with me! Now my buddy Matt has a place all to himself when he visits! Enjoy!
What's a living room without a place to take a crap?
Mom persuaded me to add the shower, "just in case" I don't tear the whole place down. And, it didn't really cost that much more.
This is the Saniflo Sanibest shitter. It is a self contained unit with a grinder and ejection pump all-in-one. Instead of jack hammering the floor to install a sump pump, this little guy does it all for you. It of course hooks up to the sink and shower. It does make some noise when it ejects, but it's a pretty convenient setup for about $800, toilet included. And, I can disassemble and take with me!

All I need is a shower curtain and a bar of soap!
A closeup of the tile border in the shower!


HaleyD said...

Yay! It looks really nice- love the tile work. Guests will certainly enjoy a little privacy and being able to take care of business downstairs!

Sandy B & Dick said...

I like MY new shower! Your guests will appreciate it that you listened to your mom:-) Portable toilet, huh? They are usually the bead board, and all the colors you chose. You certainly have good taste! Dad and I will try out the new facilities on 8/1! from the Traveling Griswolds

Joy said...

I agree with Mom (as usual) that a shower is a good addition as long as you're doing the bathroom anyway. Love the tile border - did you do the tile yourself? I'm sure your guests will all appreciate the new facility! Hugs, Joy

Mark Brunner said...

I will be over soon to test it out...I just had mexican for lunch

Mark B