Sunday, May 11, 2008

Beach bums

Dave got a sitter for the kids and we went out for a ride! Lo and behold, we ran into Joe Gasser who is one of my friends. His girlfriend is from the area and he was out for a solo ride, so he joined us.
Yet again a few more miles down the road, we ran into another friend of ours, Sven Eisenhauer and two of his buddies! So our group of two expanded to six! We took it easy and finished up with a light lunch at the Sea Grove Market. That evening we all met back in Sea Side at Rendezvous for some great sushi then over to Bud and Alley's for beers with some very nice scenery! (Sea Side is the township that the movie The Truman Show was filmed at with Jim Carrey).
What day is complete without PB&J at the beach?!? Chloe was so cute licking the PB&J off of the bread before eating it! She's a mess, but a cute one, thank goodness she takes after her mother! Except for the red hair..... :)

I think they like playing in the sand castle pool more than the ocean. But that will change when they learn to swim!
Day 3 at Water Sound beach. It was pretty overcast and the waves were obviously choppy. But it was a nice Sunday stroll, good times!
Miss Peyton and I about to head back to reality.... Good things do come to an end.....


Sandy & Dick said...

You've always been a babe magnet:-) Love ya!!!!!!!!!!

Becky said...

No way - You just happened to bump into Joe and then Sven while biking there? It really IS a small (cycling) world isn't it. Sounds like a fun time!